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'Borderless' Stage Play Trailer.
Street Kid Collective

Family is everything! Blake, an ordinary American kid raised by his father in a small coastal town meets his soon to be step brother, Hussan, an Afghan refugee who along with his mother escaped the Taliban terror during the civil war in the 1990’s. From their first meeting the two boys form an inseparable bond. A bond that would be tested when along with the rest of the world they watch the horrors of September 11th and the subsequent events unfold. Finishing high school they enlist in the Army and are deployed to Afghanistan. However upon their arrival the young men’s optimism and determination gradually disintegrates into chaos and a bloodied tragedy which years after returning home reappears to confront Blake.



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Cast & Crew

PWJ Headshot1_edited.jpg

Performer & Writer


Daniel Ampuero

Production Design

Christie Headshot.jpg

Director & Dramaturge

Ethan Headshot_edited.jpg

Ethan Felizzari-Castillo



Sound Design & Composer


Rosie Dean

Lighting Technician & Designer

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