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Peter-William Jamieson
Playwright, Producer & Performer

For the past 12 years since moving to Sydney from the Illawarra, Peter-William Jamieson has been working consistently in a multitude of theatre, television and film projects. Whether it's being credited as an actor, director or an award winning writer for the stage and screen. His most recent writing credit ‘Borderless’ won a semi-finalist place (3rd overall) at the International Script and Storyboard Showcase for Best New Stage Play in 2020 and has been shortlisted for the 2020 Rodney Seaborn Playwrights Award. His short film ‘An Evening Caller’ successfully won a selection as best screenplay in the Los Angeles International Film Festival and a semi-finalist place in the International New York Screenplay awards. Additionally he has been put forward for a nomination to the 2020 AACTA / AFI Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his work in the Australian Indie Feature ‘BLOODSHOT HEART’. Preceding this his other acting credits include: ‘Rabbit Hole’ (Theatre - Exit Game Productions), ‘Wind In The Willows’ (Theatre - Australian Shakespeare Company), ‘Retrograde’ (Theatre - Sand King Creatives), ‘Drown’ (Feature Film) and ‘The Great Gatsby’ (Feature Film).

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